Giving, and Growing

A very important aspect of our life together is the many opportunities for giving. We expect that you find ways of giving not just offerings but rotas, support of children, the sick or vulnerable, mission, music, social events, catering, administration or property.

We know that God leads and manages this church and does not need what we give. His surpassing grace opens the doors of opportunity for us to give. Giving brings rewards, especially growth in faith which enriches everybody, as described in 2 Corinthians 9:6-15. We hope that you find your giving brings growth in faith to you.

Undoubtedly you have more gifts than money, skills or muscle. These include your abilities, knowledge and experiences, your prayer, your willingness to express the struggles we have with hard times and with challenging words in scripture, or your witness to the path your life of faith is taking. Exercising these gifts surely leads to enriching growth!

A number of the activities offered by Southwick Methodist Church provide opportunities for giving these gifts regularly. They involve a few people, meeting or working in homes or in the smaller areas and rooms in the church building. Some are in daytime, some in evening and they cover a wide range of interests. In some a topic is focussed on for a short period, often a term, and then another topic is chosen. You are welcome to join in with whatever interests you and to expect the rewards and growing that ensues.

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