ConneXions title is a group for young people from school years 6 to 13. It meets from 6.15pm to 8.15pm on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, with a special gathering to do something a bit different on the 5th Sunday when a month has five Sundays.


Who Stole My Chocolate?!|ConneXions 27th September 2015

We had a very eventful evening at ConneXions this week playing a game called the ‘Who Stole My Chocolate?’ game!

As you may have guessed, the game does involve chocolate, but that’s only part of the fun! In this game everyone sits around a table and five packets of chocolate or sweets are placed in the middle.

The winners!

Gary gave about six or seven cards from one deck to each player and produced another deck of cards for himself. Gary would pick a card from the top of his deck and call out what it was, and whichever player had that card could take any of the packets of chocolate from the middle of the table.

Sounds good, eh? But, here’s the twist: as well as taking chocolate from the middle of the table, you can also take it from each other!

So as you can imagine this was quite a competitive game, with people stealing each other’s chocolate and others stealing it back. Even Emma and Christina joined in the fun and proved to be the most devious of us all!

But in the end, the final few cards called were Marcus and Anna’s and so they won (the majority) of the chocolate! And don’t they look pleased!

Making Chocolate Chip Cookies! | ConneXions 9th August 2015

This week at ConneXions  we made some delicious  chocolate chip cookies!

The final product!

We started off creaming the butter and the sugar together before adding one egg and some flour, followed by chocolate chips (a lot of chocolate chips!) then we greased some trays and made the dough into small (ish) balls and threw them at Gary moulded them into perfect cookie shapes (or there abouts!) Next, Gary put them in the oven for twenty minutes. When the time was up we took them out of the oven and this is what they turned out like!

After placing them on a cooling rack we tasted them and this is what some of the members of ConneXions thought…

“These are delicious!” – Anna

“The best cookies ever –  perfectly baked!” – Oliver

“Over the weeks the members of ConneXions have proven to be exceptionally talented in the kitchen, it’s just a shame that Mary Berry cannot be here to see their wonderful creations.” – Gary

It’s such fun mixing the cookie dough!

Gary enjoyed the cookies so much that he forgot about the other ones that were still in the oven and they got a little burnt, but they still tasted great!

If you are interested in sampling some of our products then you should hang around after the evening service as they are often served to eager church members, for example Andrew W, one of our most dedicated fans always enjoys a slice of chocolate brownie or a flapjack or two.